Coaching for Audacious Explorers Oozing with Wanderlust

Hi there,

I’m Anca Stefania, the founder of Travel & Coach, an online coaching program designed for people who are passionate about traveling as an opportunity for self-discovery and self-mastery. I support audacious explorers ingnite the power of making conscious life choices.

Do you daydream of traveling, exploring the less walked paths of our world? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live with indigenous tribes in Africa or attend meditation and yoga retreats on a paradisiac island in Asia? Would you like to write and share your story as you embark on this explorative and spiritual journey?

I completely, totally, fundamentally get that!

You see, I’m an audacious traveler and a life designer. My utter belief is: we are designing our reality through our choices, conscious or unconscious. Travelling has always been for me the opportunity to lead a free, meaningful life. And I am here to assist you in also taking this path.

Ready to follow your heart, let go of all that is weighing you down now and start traveling as a way to discover the world and explore what you are made of? Been there, done that and I can guarantee it’s going to be the ride of your life!

Yeah, I do get you’re questioning whether that is a good decision or not. Look, it’s not an easy peasy deal to go on such a journey. That I know. But you’re in luck! I am here to support you at every step of the process.


What do you want?

You name it, you’ll get it! The one thing that has been keeping you from getting what you want is a belief. In our first coaching session, we’ll get to that root belief.

The following coaching sessions, we will immerse into transforming that core belief and its subjacent beliefs into empowering ones. How? By designing the context for you to make conscious choices. That simple!

Want to take time for yourself to travel? Then let’s set the grounds for you to take that conscious decision!

Want to live a comfortable life while traveling? Let’s design the opportunities for you to tap into your potential to create abundance!

You have everything you need to make it happen! I stand for your greatness and will mirror this belief back to you with every conscious cell of my being.

We will co-create a context for you to safely make the conscious choices to design the life you dream of.




What have I already accomplished and can also help you to achieve?

We will work together for at least 3 months during which I will support you to:

  1. Define the steps and take pertinent action to manifest a loving, fulfilling relationship
  2. Make conscious choices towards leading a healthier lifestyle, one that is appropriate to your personality
  3. Redesign your mindset so that it constantly supports your growth, telling disempowering thoughts “No, thank you!”
  4. Create a personalized action plan to kickstart your future as a digital nomad
  5. Define a business plan for an online business
  6. Transform your fashion style as a way to gain more selfesteem
  7. Practise physical activity to overcome your disempowering mind stories
  8. Manage feelings of loneliness and disconnection while traveling in a constructive way



We are not victims of our contexts.

We are powerful designers of our realities.


Interested in working with me? Are you as passionate as I am about conscious choice and contribution?

Let’s get going then!


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