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6 Questions to End 2016 in Smasher Mode

2016 is galloping towards the end of the race. And it’s going fast, really, really fast, so fast that 2017 won’t even see it coming, sneaking up on it. Social media is buzzing with 2017 goal setting and feelings of gratitude for 2016.

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Edu Lauton

2016 is galloping towards the end of the race. And it’s going fast, really, really fast, so fast that 2017 won’t even see it coming, sneaking up on it. Social media is buzzing with 2017 goal setting and feelings of gratitude for 2016.

So, we figured we’d go in the same direction. Flowing with the river zen of 2016 towards a masterful 2017, let’s dive into the 6 questions. Tune into feeling ecstatic about closing a circle and rekindling your personal power out of your own desires.

1.Who are you grateful for spending time with this year?

Our dearest people give our lives flavor. There is nothing that I am more grateful for than the full, loving souls accompanying me on my path. My partner, my family, my friends, my coach, my mentors & teachers, all the wonderful people I’ve been blessed to cross paths have cast magical spells on my days.

2. What are the 6 goals you totally smashed throughout this year?

While I enjoy the process and acknowledge my feelings throughout it, I’m super goal-oriented. I like crossing off my list things I’d been planning to do. It comes with extreme empowerment to see that I got my shit together and I actually materialized my ideas.

This year, I traveled with my partner, moved in and volunteered together. We healed and grew together, as we understood we both stand for greatness, freedom, and success, while being in service of others.

A draining professional engagement ended and I set up several businesses.  My life was flooded by more incertitude then ever before, thus giving me the opportunity to rise above my stories of unworthiness.

I surrounded myself with people who are focused on uplifting, I had a life coach supporting and cheering for me as I decided to run within one month my first half-marathon and my first marathon. I invested in personal mastery, took up learning a new language, got better at surfing, drumming, playing the guitar and snowboarding.

As one of my dearest friends transcended, I swore I will live life in sacred gratitude for every single minute I get to share with my dear ones.

What about you, what do you feel proud of accomplishing this year?

3. Which are your top 3 sunshine moments of 2016?

Memories sparkle bright at the end of the year. It’s been 365 days sprinkled with lots of love, joy, fun, as well as inconvenient feelings and excruciating pain. I learned to count my blessings when I rise and when I go to sleep.

In Lisbon, I met a mentor who helped me push through who I thought I was and show up for who I am. I pitched my project DAS MATIA, twice, in front of 60-80 people, and every Friday, we celebrated the week with the whole team. Got introduced to the “sunshine moment” when each of us shared what was the highlight of the week. Gratitude enlivens daily moments.

4. What is the one thing that gets you geejeebees when you think about next year?

I’m looking forward to 2017 since I know it’s gonna be a hell of a rollercoaster. Bring it on! I was lucky enough to stumble upon Danielle Laporte’s Fire Sessions three days ago. Wow! This is what knowing your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) feels like. She speaks my soul, she feels my fears, she knows my truth.

Yes, I will stumble and fall and I will rise more rooted in joy every single time. And I’m looking forward to every bit of it. As my coach says, I am reborn out of my own ashes – literally, my name means Phoenix bird. So, bring it on, dear Universe, let’s tango our way to loving, inspiring and contributing.

5. What will your core feelings be in 2017?

Actions are trustful shadows of feelings. Let your feelings lead you on your journey. I wish for peace, love, mastery, contribution, joy, freedom, connection, adventure, stability, kindness. Ask yourself “How do I want to feel” instead of “What do I want to do?”

6. What is the action that you’ll take full on in 2017?

For me, it’s grounding in my worthiness. My value becomes visible in the way I connect with my partner, family, friends and those I serve, in the manner I manage my business, the style of life I adopt, the position I take in my activist work, the direction I follow in my travels, the situations I design for myself and the conditions I create for my growth, contribution and fulfilment.

Now, pull 6 post-its and write down your answers. Be specific and let yourself feel each letter, each sound. If you need clarity, reach out. I’d be happy to co-create. And remember, I stand for your greatness, now and forever. And so it is.