Travel & Coach Visit Iceland 13

7 Reasons to Visit Iceland at Least Once in Your Life!

Iceland. I can still remember, that moment when I landed in Iceland. I felt a major shift in my body. I stepped out of the airplane and the air was ...
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Travel & Coach Morning Rituals

Morning Routines to Kickstart the Year!

Morning routines set you up for excellence. Full stop. How I kickstart my day is how I choose to feel throughout the day. I instil in my morning routine what ...
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When In Doubt Feel Travel And Coach.png

When In Doubt, Feel

January is frenetical. People are running around with their New Year’s resolutions, committing, making to-do list and creating action plans ...
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Travel & Coach Umbrella Girl

6 Questions to End 2016 in Smasher Mode

2016 is galloping towards the end of the race. And it’s going fast, really, really fast, so fast that 2017 won’t even see it coming, sneaking up on it. Social ...
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Life as an Audacious Explorer Oozing with Wanderlust

Life as an Audacious Explorer Oozing with Wanderlust

Mind, body, and soul, in my wholeness, I am moved by freedom and contribution. If you take yourself to be an explorer, you probably have infinite curiosity, directed not only ...
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Travel & Coach Blog Crossroads Post

Transform Binary Choices into Infinite Power of Choice

Binary choices are the worst enemy of personal power. Why? Because they bully your powerful creator in a dark corner and shove a thick, heavy cloak over. Well done, binary ...
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And Then She Ran Travel & Coach

And Then She Ran

Fight, Flight and Freeze What do you do when things get shaky? Do you fight, do you flight or do you freeze? In my identity, I have conditioned myself to ...
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ReFood Travel & Coach

Re-Food ReThink Rethank ReWire

One-third of the food we produce is trashed while 1 in 8 people go hungry. If you're anything like me, you're appalled by these numbers that are not a singular case, ...
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Surrender to Life Yogiberations Travel & Coach

Surrender to Life

The practice of yoga has been a silent and patient teacher for the last few months. Day by day, I am learning to surrender to the truth of my body; ...
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Street Art, Alte, Algarve, Portugal

Rare Old Times in Alte, Portugal

It's my first time in Portugal. Have been longing for Portugal for two years and it is only now that I get to visit some parts of Algarve and beautiful ...
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New Year, New You, New Resolutions

New Year, New You, New Resolutions?

One year is ending, giving birth to a new one. It’s that time of the year when most of us are drawing a line, making a little recap. How was ...
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