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Life as an Audacious Explorer Oozing with Wanderlust

Mind, body, and soul, in my wholeness, I am moved by freedom and contribution. If you take yourself to be an explorer, you probably have infinite curiosity, directed not only outwardly, but most importantly inwardly.

Life as an Audacious Explorer Oozing with Wanderlust

Travel & Coach was birthed out of my desire to discover the world and become who I am truly meant to be. Restless, oozing with extreme wanderlust and with an insatiable thirst for authenticity and meaning while in service to others, I took the path of self-fulfilment, through holistic living.

Audacious you are when with the fear of being judged for who you are, you still choose to be that person. I hear a lot “Let them judge you. Who likes you for you will stick around.” I am not aligned with this piece of advice. It feels it comes from a place of “I’ll patch you up really good and there you go. I now need to handle other things. Hope that was helpful.” Fear of rejection is very present, in many of us. It is not because our looks are coherent with the social norm or that we experience what so many others long to experience that we are sheltered from self-doubt. What supports me on the path of brave affirmation of my identity is the belief that my standing in my own power, stating who I am in a kind and inclusive way is inspiring people around me to also be strong, and make their true selves visible. We are making no one a favor by playing small and hiding. It is not only detrimental to our fulfillment, but it is also keeping those around us from celebrating who we and implicitly, who they are.   

Explorer at heart, my every action is coated in questions like “who do I choose to be?” or “how can I be of service in this situation?” Now, it is a peaceful, steady quest for meaning, though it has not always been such. I remember one of my friends asked me a couple of years ago “Are you addicted to pain? Why are you relentlessly pursuing spirituality and personal growth?” It hadn’t occurred to me that what I called transformation equaled pure pain to others. Truth be told, transformation is happening either way, even if you consciously choose it or not. The difference is that when you own it in a conscious way, you take responsibility and redesign your mind. Unconsciously, it is bumpier and yes, more pain arises, mostly caused by our own resistance. Explore who you are, explore the world, bathe in the marvels that everything has to offer. There is true bliss in leaning back and invoking your innate curiosity at every step.

Oozing with excitement and curiosity is what I am choosing to make my default mode. Relationships are the best playground. A one-on-one with a parent, friend, partner, saps with infinite possibility to observe who you are, how you act and who you choose to be. I have been alone for 6 years before I met my partner. And I am so grateful since those 6 years shaped me into the person I am and supported me in gaining clarity over what kind of relationship I wish to design. In only a matter of months, with his support and my coach’s, I feel I have conquered the raw space of pain I had not expressed as a child. We even have a joke. When we’re dancing tango (a.k.a. we’re having an argument) and someone asks “So, how have you been lately? How are things with the two of you” we’d say: “Are you kidding me? It’s a F*$^&@ rollercoaster! We are triggering each other in such intimate and hurtful ways. Both our wounded inner children come out to play every couple of weeks and it’s so bloody scary cause we are so in love and afraid we’re gonna screw it up” and then genuinely adding “Awesome, doesn’t it?”

That’s the real deal: intimate relationships are really, like REALLY scary. Letting someone in, being vulnerable, allowing yourself to be true to yourself and listen to your partner in a present, respectful way, even when they are saying things that are so not what you want to hear… F*$^&@ awesome rollercoaster!

With every step, the path becomes clearer. I did not know 7 years ago where I will end up. Nor do I now. But I am confident I am supported and I can achieve whatever I set my mind up to. And I truly believe this is possible for anyone who dreams, acts and continues to walk the path consciously, with respect for the creation that is in everything. “How” is really irrelevant at this point of my journey. A baby does not ask “how to walk?”. They just try and try and try and one day, there they are, walking. I like babies. They make me smile, plus they are oozing with wisdom. Today I asked a 5-year-old “How’s it going, lil’ fellow?” and he candidly replied “I don’t care. I’m happy” Now, that’s a purposeful living.

Wanderlust is probably one of those words that if you opened it up, light, healing and joy would spur out of it. It is that which I imagine naturally flows from us when we are young and we ache to see, to discover.

We are really nothing in essence, but who and what we choose to be. So, how about being an audacious explorer oozing with wanderlust?