Surrender to Life

The practice of yoga has been a silent and patient teacher for the last few months. Day by day, I am learning to surrender to the truth of my body; and also, to the fabrications of my mind.

Surrender to Life

What strikes me most during the first conscious sessions of yoga is the way my breath is staccato. The suspended moment is interfering with the natural flow of breathing.

Breathing is living. Breathing needs no strategy, no plan B, no second-guesses, no “what ifs” and, most certainly, no “buts” or “becauses”. Breathing arises. Naturally. Evidently. Imminently.

It is only today that I realise I choose to be alive, to celebrate life. Passionately. For that, there is no other option than surrendering to life. Clearing the path. Breathing.

It is only today that I pledge to live for love. Unless the answer to the question “is it for love?” is a wholehearted “yes”, I’m no longer in it.