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Transform Binary Choices into Infinite Power of Choice

Binary choices are the worst enemy of personal power. Why? Because they bully your powerful creator in a dark corner and shove a thick, heavy cloak over. Well done, binary choices!

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How many times have you heard someone say: “Ok, so I basically have two options: to do or not to do that” or “if this doesn’t work, I’ll just go back to doing what I previously did”. The deal with having a binary perspective is that it is stripping your life of joy and of opportunities. You focus on only two options and all other possibilities vanish in that very moment. Good-bye, playfulness! Tschüss, curiosity! Arrivederci, excitement!

Needless to say, that when you think and state an “either… or…”, your mind is trapped between the “either” and the “or” and it will come up with solutions that are slightly different derivations of those two.

Enough about boohoo binary choices.

In the last months, I’ve come to appreciate the strength of creating an infinite power of choice. How? By dropping the binary options act. Say that annoying relative starts yet again to talk about politics at what would otherwise be a lovely family dinner. What do you do? You either passive-aggressively take part in the discussion or get disenchanted and seclude yourself.

What if you thought for a moment “Hey, this situation has been happening again and again and again for the last couple of years and each time I managed it in the same manner, thinking I can either ignore or unleash my pitiless garrulity onto them.” What if you acted differently, did something joyous, that would put you in a good mood? What if you started dancing or using the table as drums and the cutlery as sticks, humming “Jingle Bells”?

The point is this: every step of our journey is filled with an infinity of choices. When you feel stuck, drained or having a low energy level, explode. There’s no better moment than that. Ask yourself “what else can I make out of this situation?” and my favorite question “if I am limitless, what do I choose to feel right now?” My truth is that I am a designer and just as a dressmaker creates fashion pieces, I create my feelings, regardless of the situation that I am experiencing.

So long, buh-bye, binary choices, enter designer of an infinite power of choice.