I'm a traveler & a life designer

My name is Anca Stefania Iorgulescu and I'm the founder of Travel & Coach.

I'm a traveler and a life designer and I utterly believe we are designing our reality through our choices, conscious or unconscious.

Traveling had been my wisest teacher and that is what I now coach others to do: take a leap of faith and go on that trip (to India, Uruguay, Mongolia, Iceland, you name it!) they've always dreamt of taking and make good use of it as an opportunity for self-discovery and self-mastery.

When I was 22, I left my home country and began traveling on my own. It was the decision that magically transformed my life.

After 5 years and 4 master degrees, living in 5 countries and speaking 6 foreign languages later, I was still drifting in the big unknown, still feeling I wasn't having a tremendous kick out of being who I was, doing what I did. That's how I got into coaching, three years ago.

I trained with Creative Consciousness and I remember that first day as if it was yesterday.


I was sitting in the first row of the training hall and we were working on patterns of thinking and behaviour; those very patterns that played a capital role in the way I created and experienced my life. All my peers were really struggling with it, while I finished in 3 minutes. As I saw everyone around me having a hard time, I raised my hand, asking for support.

"Already chose my patterns and I feel they are very representative of who I am, but it seems it should be something that should create some kind of discomfort - pinpointing at my peers who were agonizing over this exercise."

"I see..." the trainer calmly said.

"Should I just be ok with what I already chose? Or, do you think my core pattern is something else?"

"Just take a look for yourself..." he continued when I heard a mumble somewhere in the room. I shrunk my eyes and looked in the direction of one of my peers: "Would you like to ADD something, Paolo," I retorted.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do", Paolo came back. "Anca," he said making a long pause and sighing, "just take a look at your body posture now."

I gave myself a moment to observe, assess and then I burst: "A victim? That can't be it! It can't be! I am not a..." I was depleted of words. He was right. I had been living my life from a victim's position. Me, a powerful, strong, opinionated young woman, who had left herself believe that another - a god, her parents, her partner or friends, were responsible for how she felt and what she was lacking.

What a tremendous moment of clarity! Going back home that evening, it felt as if a movie made of bits and pieces of my life was unwinding. It was so crystal clear how I had created all those situations, each perfectly cattered for me to think I am not enough, to not take full responsibility for my own life, to feel insignificant every time I allowed someone to diminish my importance.


You see, back then, I made a decision: I could keep changing everything I can in my context in my pursuit of happiness or I could start taking a look inside and see what it is that I can do to have the life I'm dreaming of: travel on a motorbike, owning only a MacBook and a pair of bikinis, contribute in developing communities, inspire and empower others through the power of my  personal example.

And so I did.

Engaging in conscious self-development work has been a magnificent ride. And traveling has been my most reliable and insightful guide. Many times it came with excruciating pain and inconvenient feelings, but it was also very rewarding. I am eternally grateful for this experience.

Now I'm day by day creating space for me to be who I choose to be so that I can fully embrace, love and cherish who you are, too. Letting go of my ideal image, releasing self-judgement, learning how to celebrate myself and love myself... Through it all, coaching and traveling played a central role in this process.

We are not victims of our contexts but designers of our lives

I now choose to assist you, you who wish to travel and live a free life, by making conscious choices.

Be clear about your "why" and don't worry about the "how".

The path unfolds once you start taking conscious choices on it.

I stand for love, kindness, responsibility, and integrity; most importantly I stand for your greatness.

If you resonate with my personal journey, I would love to work with you!

Join me for a 30-minute free coaching session and find out what we will co-create.



Fun facts about me:

  • I live to empower
  • Am passionate about human rights, more specifically women rights
  • Have 4 master degrees
  • Speak 6 languages
  • Have been living in 5 countries around the world by age 30
  • Am also designing clothes and accessories, not only my life
  • Am also a mindfulness & meditation trainer & am practising EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Swear by practicing yoga & meditation in the morning
  • Love wheels - motorbikes & fast cars
  • Love boards - I surf, snow & skate
  • Ran my first half-marathon after 2 weeks of very extensive training
  • Two weeks after that, I finished my first marathon
  • Have been  vegetarian for 6 years
  • Completely gave up processed sugar (*I still eat fruits which are a natural source of sugar)